CESRA Workshop 2019

July 8th - 12th, 2019

Telegrafenberg, Potsdam, Germany

Venue & Accommodation


The conference venue is located on the Telegrafenberg (The Albert Einstein Science Park), a historic hill in Potsdam that once housed the main Prussian observatories. On it still stand 19th century refractors as well as the famed and architecturally revered “Einstein Tower” designed by E. Mendelsohn.


Getting to the Telegrafenberg:

Arriving from the Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF) airport:

You can take the train from the airport Schönefeld to Potsdam. The walk from the terminal to the tracks takes about 10 minutes. While the regional express train (RB 22) goes directly to Potsdam central station, you will have to change trains if you instead take the S-Bahn. Please note that the bus 691 is available only on weekdays. You can find the most convenient connection for you on the  BVG website (Destination: “Potsdam, Telegrafenberg”).

A taxi from the airport Berlin Schönefeld will take about 45 minutes to the AIP and cost around € 65.

Arriving from the Berlin-Tegel (TXL) airport:

Right in front of the airport are the bus stations for the X9 and 109 buses, both heading to the train station “Bahnhof Zoo”. You can go with either of these two lines to the last stop and continue on from there by train. Either take the “Regionalexpress RE1” or the S-Bahn (S7). When you arrive in Potsdam continue your journey by bus number 691 till the last stop “Telegrafenberg”. When you get off you will be standing in front of the building H; please go back down to the entrance gate at the Albert-Einstein-Straße. You can find the most convenient connection for you on the site of the BVG (Destination: “Potsdam, Telegrafenberg”).

A taxi from the Berlin-Tegel airport will cost around €50 and take about 30 minutes.

By bus and train

Most connections to the AIP run from Berlin through the railway station Berlin-Zoologischer Garten , where buses and trains run almost all day at intervals of 10 to 20 minutes.
Please note that the bus
runs only weekdays.

From Potsdam main station, the bus No. 691 will take you directly to the Telegrafenberg. Please note that this bus runs only weekdays.

Bus No. 691 (every 20 min): Bus Time Table

You can find the most convenient connection for you on the BVG website (Destination: “Potsdam, Telegrafenberg”).

By foot

From Potsdam main station, you can walk to the conference venue on Telegrafenberg in about 15-20 minutes.


At Telegrafenberg

House H will be the main location for the workshop, including registration. Once you have entered the Science Park at the main gate, continue straight on, then you will reach House H on your left side in a few minutes. The bus stop is also located right in front of the building.

House H will host the registration desk, the plenary sessions, WG2, and the coffee breaks / poster sessions. Additionally, the cafeteria where we will have lunches is located on the upper floor.

While originally all WG sessions were to be hosted in Haus H, recent severe water damage has forced us to move three of the four WGs to other buildings. The WG sessions will thus be held here:

  • WG1: Building A45S, ground floor, room S101
  • WG2: Haus H, ground floor, plenary room
  • WG3: Building A45S, 3rd floor, room S301
  • WG4 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday): Building C4, 2nd floor, lecture room
  • WG4 (Tuesday): Haus G, 2nd floor, room G359

All buildings are indicated on the map above. Walking time between the different locations is on the order of 5 minutes.


Map of the Telegrafenberg

(Note that north is to the right in this map! Credits: GFZ Potsdam)

Meeting point for the boat trip / conference dinner

On Wednesday (Jul 10) we will be having our boat trip and dinner aboard the “MS Königswald“. It will leave at 06:30 pm sharp, so we suggest to arrive around 06:00 pm. Please do not forget to bring the receipt for the trip/dinner you get when registering.

The boat will pick us up at the location indicated on the map. It is right at the corner between the Hotel Mercure and the bridge „Lange Brücke“ that connects Potsdam Main Station with the inner city. From Telegrafenberg, you just go down the hill, follow the main road, pass the Main Station to your right, cross the bridge over the Havel river, and turn left after crossing. Then you have arrived at the meeting point.



Hotels near the venue

B&B Hotels
Single Room: from 63 €
Double Room: from 73 €
Breakfast: 8,50 € per adult/night
Address: Babelsberger Str. 24, 14473 Potsdam
22 min walking from the conference
Bus: 694, 691

Mercure Hotel
Single Room (including breakfast): from 85 €
Double Room (including breakfast): from 126 €
Address: Lange Brücke, 14467 Potsdam
23 min walking distance from the conference
Bus: 694

Hotels in Potsdam city

Hotel Am Großen Waisenhaus
Single Room (including breakfast): from 89 €
Double Room (including breakfast): from 145 €
Address: Lindenstraße 28, 14467 Potsdam
32 min walking distance from the conference
Tram: 91, 92, 93, 98
Bus: 614, 691

Hotel Zum Hofmaler
Single Room: from 74 €
Double Room: from 105 €
Breakfast: 5 € per adult/night
Address: Gutenbergstraße 73, 14467 Potsdam
35 min walking distance from the conference
Tram: 92, 96
Bus: 691

Altstadt Hotel
Single Room (including breakfast): from 82 €
Double Room (including breakfast): from 106 €
Address: Dortustraße 9-10, 14467 Potsdam
36 min walking distance from the conference

Tram: 91
Bus: 614, 691

Hotel Am Jägertor
Single Room: from 91 €
Double Room: from 101 €
Breakfast: 18 € per adult/night
Address: Hegelallee 11, 14467 Potsdam
38 min walking distance from the conference
Tram: 91, 92
Bus: 695, 692, 691

NH Hotel
Single Room (including breakfast): from 98 €
Double Room (including breakfast): from 132 €
Address: Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 88, 14467 Potsdam
33 min walking distance from the conference
Tram: 92
Bus: 614, 691

Hotels in Babelsberg

Filmhotel Lili Marleen
Single Room (including breakfast): from 69 €
Double Room (including breakfast): from 87 €
Address: Großbeerenstraße 75, 14482 Potsdam
37 min walking distance from the conference
Bus: 690, 691

Fritz Apart Hotel
Single Room: from 81 €
Double Room: from 185 €
Breakfast: 8,50 € per adult/night
Address: Weberplatz 17, 14482 Potsdam
35 min walking distance from the conference
Tram: S7
Bus: 691

Pension Unikat
Single Room (including breakfast): from 58 €
Double Room (including breakfast): from 68 €
Address: Karl Liebknecht Str. 26, 14482 Potsdam
35 min walking distance from the conference

Bus: 694, 690, 691

Pension Am Findling
Single Room: from 44 €
Double Room: from 68 €
Breakfast: 6 € per adult/night
Address: Großbeerenstr. 105, 14482 Potsdam
41 min walking distance from the conference
Bus: 690, 691


For more accommodation check the following link: