CESRA Workshop 2019

July 8th - 12th, 2019

Telegrafenberg, Potsdam, Germany


High dynamic range imaging of the Sun with the Siberian Radioheliograph

Mariia Globa, Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS

The Siberian Radioheliograph (SRH) is capable of obtaining solar disk images at angular resolution of about 1 arcminute in 4 - 8 GHz frequency range. The time to switch from one frequency to another is currently about 0.3 s. The SRH calibration with redundant baselines provides the dynamic range from 40:1 for quiet Sun to several hundreds for flares. This is insufficient to observe faint solar features during powerful flare bursts. We consider factors that affect the dynamic range of SRH images and methods that can be used to enhance it, including those available in CASA.