CESRA Workshop 2019

July 8th - 12th, 2019

Telegrafenberg, Potsdam, Germany


3D Finite Element MHD code for simulations in Solar atmosphere

Jan Kotek, Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Ondrejov

We present an innovative numerical code designed to study multiscale phenomena in the solar atmosphere such as magnetic reconnection, solar flares, quiescent and eruptive prominences as well as their oscillations. The three-dimensional code is based on Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method and is fully adaptive. It is also designed to handle shocks well and can guarantee zero divergence of magnetic field naturally. Therefore, it should be well suited for simulations that would fill the gap between particle processes and observed large-scale structures. This makes the code relevant for comparing with both solar radio spectra and potentially also images. We show several tests of the code including those connected to the Solar atmosphere such as perturbed long current sheets and 3D Titov-Demoulin equilibrium. We also compare some of the results to an older code based on Finite Differences.