CESRA Workshop 2019

July 8th - 12th, 2019

Telegrafenberg, Potsdam, Germany


The research for influence of solar radio burst on navigation signal and its early warning scheme

Dong Liang, Yunnan observatoy of chinese academy of science

Unlike other effects of solar activity on navigation satellites, solar radio bursts(SRB) propagate at the speed of light. The SRB event has the characteristics of fast action time, wide range and so on, the influence on the whole navigation system is immeasurable, but there is no way to predict at present. This study will focus on the following issues concerning the influence of SRB onnavigation a nd communication signal events. At first, The threshold value of the influence of solar radio flow on navigation communication is calculated, which is between 1000-2600s.f.u, consisting with the observation data. The second, by reviewing the time relationship between multiple solar radio bursts and X-ray in the 23-24 solar activity week, this paper proposes that X-ray flow rise can be used as an effective warning point, and the warning time is longer than 2 minutes. The last, we are building a multi-freqencies monitoring system located in China which can get the precision flux information of L band radio solar emission to pre-alarm and vertify these events Through this study, a set of space weather evaluation system will be formed´╝îwhich takes solar observation data as the benchmark, ground-based solar radio flux monitoring as the evaluation reference, and analysis and backtracking based on the influence mechanism equation