CESRA Workshop 2019

July 8th - 12th, 2019

Telegrafenberg, Potsdam, Germany


Radio Monitoring and Radio Solar Data Base: tools for fast access to space and ground based radio observations.

Abdallah Hamini, Observatoire de Paris (LESIA)

Solar Radio Monitoring (secchirh.obspm.fr) is a website for the combined visualization of solar radio data. This website is made possible by the support of the French Space Agency CNES. The main objective of this website is to support multi-wavelength data analysis and space missions dedicated to research on solar activity and on solar-terrestrial relationships, in particular SOHO, STEREO and SDO. It produces and provides synthetic data including mapping of sources observed by the Nançay Radio Heliograph (NRH), composite dynamic spectra and the CME’s characteristics from LASCO. The combined survey permits to quickly identify and select solar events, to identify the complementary radio data for the space-based observations, and it gives an overview of the coronal and interplanetary situation. The dynamic spectra are collected from WIND and STEREO radio observations and ground-based spectrographs (Orfees, Humain, Nançay Decameter Array, Artemis, Culgoora, Yunnan and Gauribidanur spectrographs). In support of the radio monitoring website, a new radio solar database (https://rsdb.obs-nancay.fr/) is developed which gives an optimized and flexible access to the three solar radio instruments in Nançay: ORFEES, NRH and soon the NDA. This database facilitates the access to solar radio data for non-experts and permits to download the data instantly for radio-astronomers with the desired time resolution.