20-24 March 2023
Haus H, Telegrafenberg
Europe/Berlin timezone

A dynamical mass map of the nearby Fornax galaxy cluster

24 Mar 2023, 12:45
Haus H, Telegrafenberg

Haus H, Telegrafenberg

Potsdam, Germany
Contributed talk SESSION 5 : Near-field cosmology and galaxy masses beyond the Local Group SESSION 5 : Near-field cosmology and galaxy masses beyond the Local Group


Avinash Chaturvedi (European Southern Observatory)


The Fornax cluster provides an unparalleled opportunity to investigate the formation and evolution of early-type galaxies in a dense environment. Using the spectroscopic data from the Visible Multi-Object Spectrograph at Very Large Telescope (VLT/VIMOS) from the FVSS survey, we have kinematically characterised the photometrically detected globular cluster (GC) candidates in the core of the cluster. We confirm a total of 777 GCs new velocity measurements. Combined with previous literature, radial velocity measurements of GCs in Fornax, we compile the most extensive spectroscopic GC sample of 2341 objects in this environment.

With the final goal of understanding the mass assembly of the Fornax galaxy cluster, we are using our GC radial velocity catalogue to perform dynamical mass modelling of NGC1399 out to 200 kpc (∼ 6 𝑟𝑒𝑓𝑓 of NGC1399). Using the spherical Jeans modelling, we have performed the dispersion-kurtosis modelling to obtain the mass profile of NGC1399 and the orbital anisotropy of GCs. We have investigated the effect of the intra-cluster GCs in the mass-modelling results.

We find that both cusp (NFW) and core (Burkert) dark matter (DM) halo can produce the observed kinematics. Including the intra-cluster GCs in mass-modelling analysis produces a heavier DM halo. Independent of the DM halo profiles used in modelling, we find that GCs in intra-clusters have mild radial anisotropy, especially for the blue GCs. In this talk, I will discuss the baryonic and dark matter distribution of the Fornax galaxy cluster out to half of its virial radius. Specifically, I will talk about the impact of the intra-cluster GCs on the Fornax cluster mass profile. In addition, I will present the orbital distribution of the intra-cluster GCs in the Fornax assembly, showing their accreted nature.

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Primary author

Avinash Chaturvedi (European Southern Observatory)


Dr Michael Hilker (European Southern Observatory)

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