The conference will start with an opening reception at the Aspen Center for Physics (ACP) on Sunday, March 3rd, 5pm – 7pm.

We will have talk sessions in the morning and evening during the whole week, except on Wednesday. On Wednesday the evening session is replaced by a public talk by Garth Illingworth.

For presentation slides (PDF), please click on the titke of the respective contribution.

Sunday, March 3 rd

17.00-19.00: Welcome reception at the Aspen Center for Physics
19.00: No-host dinner at Hickory House (if choose to join – can eat anywhere)

Monday, March 4 th

Chair – Wyse – All talks 20 min + 5 min questions

09.00-09.10: Rosie Wyse – Welcome
09.15-09.40: Rennan Barkana – Dark Matter Revealed by the First Stars?
09.45-10.10: Pratika Dayal – The First Billion Years of Galaxy Formation
10.15-10.40: Kohei Inayoshi – Massive Black Hole and Population III Galaxy Formation in Over-Massive Dark Matter Haloes

10:45-16:30: afternoon recess

16:30-16.55: Louise Welsh – Modelling the chemical enrichment by Population III supernovae: The origins of the metals in near-pristine gas clouds
17.00-17.25: Yuan-Sen TingNear Field Cosmology 2.0: Low-resolution spectra & how awesome they are

17:25-17.55: break

17.55 -18.20: Mihir Kulkarni – Fragmentation in Ionized Population III Galaxies
18.25-18.50: Rychard Bouwens – The Prevalence and Properties of Extremely Low-Luminosity Galaxies at Early Times

Tuesday, March 5 th

Chair – Haiman – All talks 20 min + 5 min questions

08.30-08.55: Garth Illingworth – Revealing Cosmic Sunrise: Galaxy Build-up in the First 600 Myr
09.00-09.25: Yi-Kuan Chiang – Galaxy ProtoClusters as Drivers of Cosmic Star Formation History

09.30-09.55: break

09.55-10.20: Jarrett Johnson – Extreme Population III Starbursts and Direct Collapse Black Holes Stimulated by High Redshift Quasars
10.25-10.50: Daegene Koh – Lagrangian Fields in Eulerian Codes

11:00-16:30: afternoon recess

16.30-16.55: Aaron Smith – The Physics of Lyman Escape from High-redshift Galaxies
17.00-17.25: Muhammad Latif – Early Growth of Massive Black Holes

17:30-17.55: break

17.55-18.20: Eli Visbal – Identifying Direct Collapse Black Holes through their Small Host Galaxies
18.25-18.50: Yu-Qing Lou – Hypermassive Black Holes in the Universe

Wednesday, March 6 th

Chair – Carlberg – All talks 20 min + 5 min questions

08.30-08.55: Massimo Ricotti – Reionization Driven by Star Formation in Compact Star Clusters
09.00-09.25: Martin Haehnelt – Ionising Radiation from the First Galaxies

09:30-09.55: break

09.55-10.20: Andrew Graus – Local Group Constraints on the Epoch of Reionization
10.25-10.50: Samuel Patrick – Finding the First Quasars with JWST, Euclid and WFIRST


No evening session

17.30: Public lecture by Garth Illingworth The James Webb Space Telescope  – constructing he most complex space telescope ever at Wheeler Opera House

Thursday March 7 th

Chair – Brodie – All talks 20min + 5min questions

08.30-08.55: Zoltan Haiman – Rapid Formation of Massive Black Holes via Intense Lyman-Werner illumination
09.00-09.25: Mauro Stefanon – Star-formation Efficiency at 600 Myr of Cosmic Time

09.30-09.55: break

09.55-10.20: Ruth Daly – Magnetic Fields Transported by Outflows from Black Hole Systems to the ISM and IGM
10.25-10.50: Alvaro Zamora – Large Cosmological Simulations and IGM Temperatures in the Early Universe

11:00-16:30: afternoon recess

16:30- 16.55: Paul Shapiro – The Cosmic Dawn (CoDa) Project: Simulating reionization and Galaxy Formation
17.00-17.25: Michele Trenti – Gamma Ray Bursts as Probes of Star Formation at the End of the Cosmic Dark Ages

17.30-17.55: break

17.55-18.20: Ke-Jung Chen – Extreme Supernovae from Cosmic Dawn
18.25-18.50: Wayne Hu – Complete Reionization Constraints from the CMB

19.30: Banquet at the Aspen Meadows, including Block Award

Friday March 8 th

Chair – Daly – All talks 20min + 5min questions

08.30-08.55: Kevin Schlaufman – An Ultra-Metal-Poor Star Near the Hydrogen-burning Limit
09.00-09.25: Tilman Hartwig – Carbon-Enhanced Metal-poor Stars as a Consequence of Inhomogeneous Metal Mixing

09:30-09.55: break

09.55-10.20: Rosie Wyse/Matthias Steinmetz: Towards RAVE DR6
10.25-10.50: Rosie Wyse – Summing up and Farewell