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SH/Lecture Hall (AIP)

SH/Lecture Hall


An der Sternwarte 16 14482 Potsdam

2-day Machine Learning course

Machine Learning on GPUs is currently boosting AI’s massive leap into real-life applications: autopilots, intelligent automated
assistants, real-time translation, image recognition, data sequencing and clustering. With the unprecedented computing power
of GPUs, many automotive, robotics and big data companies are creating products and services based on a new class of intelligent
machines. This training course is intended for developers and scientists willing to rapidly integrate the open-source AI technology
into new and existing software.

Hands-on Sessions:

All discussed topics will be accompanied with practical sessions either on the provided remote GPU server or on the
customer’s local system.
All corresponding presentations will be available to attendees in printed handouts.


Costs will be shared by the participants.

Depending on the Number of Participants, this will be about 230 Euro per participant.