Thinkshop on Protoplanetary Disk Chemodynamics

Lecture Hall (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP))

Lecture Hall

Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP)

An der Sternwarte 16 14482 Potsdam, Germany


Note that because of the global COVID-19 outbreak, the meeting is postponed to an indefinite time in the future.

Protoplanetary disk dynamics are crucial in defining the ecosystem for planet formation. The shift away from turbulence as the main agent for driving disk evolution towards disk winds has recently gained momentum in the community.

At the same time, both the absence of significant levels of turbulence and the presence of large-scale outflows are gaining observational support. Yet, we are still lacking clear diagnostics for magnetic fields during the T Tauri phase.

The task of extracting useful knowledge about the conditions in planet-forming disks, for instance from molecular-line ALMA data, is paramount. It demands an approach based on forward modelling combined with synthetic observation to understand the relevant dynamical and chemical processes shaping the detected emission features.

Highlighting recent developments, we aim to orient the workshop around this chemo-dynamical link with a special focus on the potential role played by magnetic fields.

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Zhaohuan Zhu 朱照寰
  • Roman Rafikov
  • Ilaria Pascucci
  • Joan Najita
  • Meredith Hughes
  • Jeremy Goodman
  • Barbara Ercolano
  • Ilsedore Cleeves
  • Pablo Benítez-Llambay

Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Riouhei Nakatani (RIKEN, Tokyo)
  • Gesa Bertrang (MPIA, Heidelberg)
  • participating SOC members

Local Organizing Committee

  • Katrin Böhrs (AIP)
  • Doris Lehmann (AIP)
  • Yori Fournier (AIP)
  • Philipp Weber (NBIA)
  • Oliver Gressel (AIP)
  • Martín Pessah (NBIA)
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Cecilienhof pallace

  • A. Meredith Hughes
  • Ajay Kumar
  • Akimasa Kataoka
  • Alessandro Morbidelli
  • Alexandros Ziampras
  • Antoine Riols
  • Antonio Garufi
  • Anusha Kalyaan
  • Aurélien Crida
  • Christopher Nolan
  • Dipen Sahu
  • Dmitry Semenov
  • Dominique Meyer
  • Dylan Kloster
  • Eduard Vorobyov
  • Elena Lega
  • Geoffroy Lesur
  • George Mamatsashvili
  • Gesa H.-M. Bertrang
  • Giovanni Picogna
  • Giovanni Rosotti
  • Grigorii Smirnov-Pinchukov
  • Gwendolyn Meeus
  • Harry Enke
  • Heloise Meheut
  • Hongping Deng
  • Ilaria Pascucci
  • Ilse Cleeves
  • Jaehan Bae
  • Jake Simon
  • James Owen
  • Jeremy Goodman
  • Joan Najita
  • Jon Ramsey
  • Kamber Schwarz
  • Kimran Dhaliwal
  • Kundan Kadam
  • Leon Trapman
  • Leonardo Krapp
  • Lile Wang
  • Lisa Wölfer
  • Lizxandra Flores-Rivera
  • Lucio Mayer
  • Marcelo Fernando Barraza Alfaro
  • Marco Cilibrasi
  • Margot Leemker
  • Mario Flock
  • Martin Pessah
  • Michael Küffmeier
  • Natalia Dzyurkevich
  • Oliver Gressel
  • Pablo Benitez-Llambay
  • Patrick Sheehan
  • Peter Rodenkirch
  • Philip Leung
  • Philipp Weber
  • Pierre Marchand
  • Pooneh Nazari
  • Richard Nelson
  • Richard Teague
  • Riouhei Nakatani
  • Roman Rafikov
  • Sean Brittain
  • Sebastián Pérez
  • Shigenobu Hirose
  • Shu-ichiro Inutsuka
  • Tamara Molyarova
  • Tetsuo Taki
  • Thomas Rometsch
  • Tommaso Grassi
  • William Béthune
  • Xuening Bai
  • Yuri Fujii
  • Zhaohuan Zhu
  • Åke Nordlund
  • Étienne Martel