Final Program

Nov., 8th: Technical session

This session introduces technical details on selected robotic or autonomous observations. It is tailored to people interested in techniques, methods, software and hardware of robotic observatories.

Time by Title Abs. ppt/pdf
09:30-10:00 STELLA team Welcome with coffee in foyer of Schwarzschildhaus
10:00-10:30 M. Weber Lessons learned from 10 years of STELLA  abstract
10:30-11:00 T. Granzer Software challenges in fully autonomous observatories  abstract talk
11:00-11:30 N. Perez Tigre
11:30-12:00 P. Eigmueller The Next-Generation Transit Survey (NGTS)  abstract
13:30-14:00 M. Andersen The Song project
14:00-14:30 I. Steele The Liverpool Telescope
14:30-15:00 M. Ramolla IRIS and the Cerro Armazones Observatory
15:00-15:20 C. Allende Prieto Automated Analysis of STELLA Spectra  abstract
15:20-15:40 D. Sablowski Spectral Disentangling on STELLA/SES Data  abstract
coffee break
16:00-16:30 S. Dreizler Monet
16:30-16:50 M. Ruder Upgrade of the REM telescope
16:50-17:10 R. Sefako SAAO telescopes’ modernisation  abstract


19:00 Dinner at at Piazza Toscana





Nov., 9th: Science session

This session is dedicated to scientific results obtained with the help of either of the two STELLA telescopes.

Time by Title Abs. ppt/pdf
09:00-09:30 STELLA team Inauguration movie with coffee
09:30-10:00 K. Strassmeier The making of STELLA
10:00-10:30 T. Carroll Key science project: Time-series Doppler Imaging
10:30-11:00 S. Barnes Key science project: STELLA Open Cluster Survey
coffee break
11:20-11:40 M. Mallonn Extrasolar planets with WiFSIP  abstract
11:40-12:00 M. Flores Short-term evolution of active regions on LQ Hydrae  abstract
12:00-12:20 H. Korhonen Complementing other facilities with STELLA high resolution spectra  abstract
12:20-12:40 S. Jarvinen Calibrating RAVE fluxes with STELLA  abstract
14:00-14:20 Z. Kovari Differential rotation from STELLA time series  abstract talk
14:20-14:40 K. Olah STELLA and Amadeus – the case of XX Trianguli  abstract talk
14:40-15:00 A. Schwope Cataclysmic Binaries with STELLA/WiFSIP: Past and Future  abstract
15:00-15:20 J. Storm  Variable stars and the distance scale  abstract
coffee break
15:40-16:00 J. Nordin STELLA and the Zwicky Transient Factory  abstract
16:00-16:20 L. Malavolta Stellar activity of exoplanet hosts with STELLA  abstract
16:20-16:40 A. val Baker The variable nature of the OB star HD13831 abstract
16:40-17:00 K. Kubiak B-stars in Orion: clues on the formation of clusters and associations  abstract